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Khandra Wong US Tax Accountant

Khandra Wong, EA

Australian Tax Specialist
Andrew Landin, EA, US Tax Accountant

Andrew Landin, EA

Managing Director
Leo Zimny US CPA Tax Accountant

Leo Zimny, CPA

Tax Director
Charie Banal Tax Client Services

Charie Banal

Client Services
Jennifer LeBlanc US Tax

Jennifer LeBlanc

Delivery Manager
Clark Stott US Tax Services

Clark Stott

Client Services Director


Expat Tax Online provide specialist Australian and US tax preparation services for expats.


If you live in one country and need to file taxes in another, we can help.

Australian tax returns for property owners

Clients that live and work outside of Australia and hold property investments in Australia, use Expat Tax Online to prepare their Australian tax returns each year.

Any person that rents out and Australian property must file an Australian tax return each year.

Joint US & Australian tax returns

A specialist Australian-US tax team within Expat Tax Online prepare and file Australian and US tax returns for US citizens and Green Card holders.

US citizens and Green Card holders living and working in Australia have to file tax returns in Australia and the United States.

Tax for US-Australian Dual Nationals

Clients with dual US-Australian nationality can face complex tax filing situations, even with simple, single-source income.

Typically, dual nationals living and working in Australia have to file both a US and Australian tax return each year.

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